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Friday, 9 March 2012

Iron Lion Zion (ILZ)

Wednesday past saw Prince Harry visit Bob Marley's homeland of Jamaica. According to the Daily Telegraph, Harry met up with Bob's widow who told him that he would "see his mother again" whilst quoting her late husband's "most famous hit", One Love. The Prince also used lyrics from Marley's, Three Little Birds" - "cos every liddle ting gonna be aright!" - as part of his speech at the official welcoming banquet held in his honour.

On Thursday past, a fire destroyed the Christ Apostolic Church in King's Cross, London, the fire brigade alerted at "about 9.30 pm". Back in 1978, whilst known as Keskidee, it gained fame as the setting for Bob Marley's, Is this Love, music video which starred a young Niomi Campbell, then just aged 7. (BBC report)

Marley has a recent link with Scotland, only last October the Daily Record published an article stating that according to ex player and legend, Dixie Deans, Bob Marley was a closet Celtic supporter, could recite their famous Lisbon Lions team, and would "have loved to kick a ball at their home ground", Parkhead. (here)

Which takes us nicely to Glasgow Rangers, today apparently D Day for them since their administration on Valentines Day, they will sort of survive somehow, their players sacrificing the bulk of their salaries to allow for some sort of short-term continuity. There is though a huge (£49 million) tax case looming, plus another court case was held this week over a disputed £3.6 million, so it looks like the phoenix still beckons, it has just been stalled for a short time to collect more twigs for the nest burning. The date for the next court case (bear in mind previous posts re 3 and 33) is 30th March. The administrators commented as follows :

The considerable sacrifice the players at Rangers have made has saved the jobs of other people at the Club and we fully recognise the football staff are paying a very heavy price for the greater good"

Over in lubricating Greece we saw a parallel style agreement today: government bond holders allegedly sacrificing the bulk of their investment in order to continue the global financial facade which, let's face it, is due to evaporate shortly - and we will all be asked to pay a heavy price for the greater good.

Meanwhile back in Scotland, today was also important in terms of Independence, the BBC headline self explanatory : Scottish independence: D-day for UK government's referendum consultation. Independence is essential as part of the grand "Golden Age" alchemical New World Order plan, everything must go back to base parts before the Global United Kingdom (Zion) is ritually assembled.

Then there's Falkirk's Labour MP, Eric Joyce, who today pled guilty to assaulting four other Members of Parliament in the Strangers Bar in the House of Commons on 22nd February - the anniversary of Prince Williams infamous, strange, and dark appearance in issue 1111 (double eleven) of Hello Magazine. He blamed the drink (maybe been on the doubles) and was fined £3,000 and banned from public houses for the next 3 months.


Note - One of the other mob trying to get some of the 3.6 mil is a pension fund called Jerome. I wrote about St. Jerome, his lion's bleeding paw, and the Treaty of Lisbon- here.

This old post from 2008 is also worth a gander in respect of 3s, 1122, plod, and Arsenal.

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