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Monday, 22 June 2009

Hare today, gone tomorrow

From the BBC today another wildlife story I am afraid, this one concerning a pair of hares (witchcraft) which were found with multiple injuries and nailed to a gate (crucified) in Dark Lane, Frome, Somerset, whilst an unfortunate badger was found three weeks ago at the same location.

Following on from my thoughts of last week, it is interesting to note the location, Dark Lane (speaks for itself), Frome (from Rome?) and Somerset, (the setting of the Summer), tying in well with the timing angle, given the longest day of the year was at the weekend - which is in fact Prince William's birthday, although he was "born" by Caesarean during an eclipse, thus replacing the Sun, occult wise.

Notwithstanding the latter, during the compiling of the Doomsday book, the manor was owned by King William.


BBC report here.


Michael said...

There seems to be an odd synchronicity between your posts and my everyday life. Like the 666 receipt from a few days ago, which reminds us how no one will be able to buy or sell...

The receipt had two bottles of wine, one from Italy, that happened to have a double-headed eagle for a crest.

And now the bunny. We walked the terriers today, and while on our usual rounds, we noted a dead rabbit, directly in the gravel path (lane).

I remember looking at that rabbit, and thinking it was some kind of bad omen, but then laughing at myself, like I was some kind of superstitious fool.

Cheers, Michael

aferrismoon said...

Bercow -
How Now Brown? Bercow!

Its all a muddle

Soma - set , also a set is where the badgers live.

In Polish I think Bercow may be pronounced Berkof, which reminds me of Stephen Berkoff , the actor.


Newspaceman said...

Cheers Michael, I meant to respond before, sorry. It ties in well, especially with the Italian (pasta bake) angle and Rome.

I always think in the same manner when I see dead animals on my travels, although like you, I try to put it to the back of my mind.

Aferrismoon, I would prenounce it Ber-cow, you doubtlessly know the Scottish prenounciation of Ber.