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Friday, 7 December 2007

BBC TV News - Thursday 6/12

We headlined the news at 10 last night with the Bank of England interest rate cut, actioned in order to attempt to avoid the UK economy falling into the same state as America's. We heard from Evan Davies, chief BBC economist, he told how the economy is "turning". A link is provided to the video report, note how at the very start we see people in Leeds looking at a giant TV screen in the street to find out the situation. Very Running Man. Also, look at the moniker of the fictitious family who are featured, the aptly named Turners. At the very end of the report, for those who can stand it, you will see the Bank of England building. In the foreground are three globe shaped lights, reminiscent of pawnbrokers balls perhaps in these impending times of financial disaster ? For those who prefer to read, the story is here although it obviously does not have the same impact on your mind. Are these giant public televisions commonplace ?

We stayed with economics and Evan, this time in the studio, discussing yesterdays strike by Benefits Agency staff and complaints by the police in England and Wales regarding their pay award. It seems that "everyone needs to adjust" and times are "pretty uncertain". Again we heard of the credit crunch.

We moved on to Mr Darwin, the long feared dead canoeist, who has returned from the dead. We heard more theories about what might have happened, might being the operative word. It seems that Mrs Darwin has advised that: "maybe I just chose the wrong husband".

Terror followed as we were again advised of plans to increase the limit on time that suspects can be held in imprisonment without charge, up to 42 days. Images of the 7/7 bombers arrest and armed police were used to illustrate this story, lest we forget.

Next up, the American madman in a Nebraskan shopping mall, we saw images of the aftermath, mobile 'phone footage of the event, and heard that the culprit, Robert Hawkins, had a "history of mental health problems", including attention deficit disorder. His image was displayed. It appears he was motivated by a desire for fame, although, being honest, these events are almost becoming monthly now, it is quite disturbing and a symptom of our times. Obviously the reporting has a fear factor over here, most of us know someone with "mental health problems" and the majority will partake in some type of Yuletide purchasing expedition. Watch here to see how scary shopping can be.

Coming up the "women who toiled for the country" -cue old black and white images.

First though, it seems that our local councils have been told that they should cut back the provision of translation services for our expanding migrant population. Images of dual language English Polish road signs were displayed to remind us of just how bad things were allowed to become, perhaps purposely. Mention was made of the military Ghurka presence at Sandhurst.

The lyrical terrorist, Samina Malik, was yesterday given a 9 month suspended sentence for owning some terrorist manuals and writing terrible al-Quaeda inspired poetry. There is a link to the story, although only scant details were provided on last nights news.

Iraq followed, we saw refugees from the country who have been sheltering in Syria returning to their homelands on a free bus service, now that it is "safe to go back". This was later amended to forced to return due to lack of employment and money. However, a family, the Majid's, were selected for closer scrutiny, shown embarking on the trip before our reporter then caught up with them five days later, once they had arrived back. He obviously took the plane. Unfortunately, once they returned, it was not really safe at all so they stayed with relatives. Our befriending journalist was invited into the home where he and the camera crew partook in a can of beer, served in the container on a tray, very 1950's - remember immigration. Worth watching for the nonsense factor.

Back to America for a report on Mitt Romney and Mormonism. Comparison were made with Roman Catholic JFK and we heard of "men becoming Gods", "unique doctrines" and a "test of tolerance". Watch the report here - it seemed almost like an advertisment - Do you dare to be different in 2008 ? At some point we heard reference to a woman, a black man and a Mormon all standing for consideration to be President and my mind flashed to Bernard Manning.

A RAF Chinook helicopter crash in the Mull of Kintyre from 1994 is to be reinvestigated.

The promised feature to close, The Land Girls of the Second World War. Like a HG Wells machine, the television transported us back in time, to witness young ladies harvesting food and timber from the land to sustain the UK population - all the menfolk all being abroad fighting the Nazis and Hitler, ensuring freedom for their sons and daughters. You know, if it was not for the Land Girls, the UK and in fact perhaps the global world, could be living under the totalitarian control of the 3rd Reich. For the ladies historic efforts, the Fourth Reich are awarding them badges. You can watch it here.


Best not to think about it ?


AstroSphinx said...

There is a sphinx on the cover of that HG Wells book!!! news is a hotbed of syncronistic stories, but still I am feeling very sick to my stomach about one story not being reported. If its not being reported, they will write it out of history.. the comet Holms..this feels like a sinking hole.. I can't exactly put my finger on it. I've passed by your blogg just yesterday and You are my age and come from Scotland (where much of my family comes from)

Newspaceman said...

It is strange how nothing has been reported but then the news is really just a subliminal conditioning exercise with some hypnotism thrown in for good measure. It just does not fit in with how they would like you to think/what they would like you to know. - as a collective.

I take it your family are from the
Faroe Islands !